Woodside April 28

Heading to Harrison knob.  Went this way since Sasquatch was very shady.
Not an auspicious start to the day as we drove out in rain and many storm cells around.  But it did clear up nicely and by the end of the day it was very nice indeed!  Woodside to Sasquatch and back to Woodside via Harrison knob, and then over the back to Bear and then back to Woodside for a couple of out and returns.  Lots of clouds and lift around so it was nice to be able to do the long transitions and get some help partway across.
Heading for West Sasquatch/Deroche via Harrison knob.

I had had enough by then and stayed local and played over the sandbars in the lee of Harrison knob while most everyone else continued flying.  By the end of the day it had actually switched to outflow and all the clouds had dried up.

April 28 flight.
At Green Hill.  The Bridal side wasn't looking too hot so I returned to Woodside.

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