Outflowing but flyable at Bridal April 29

Watched an avalanche come down this chute earlier!
Outflow conditions so if any flying it would likely be at Bridal.  But it was a late start as the outflow winds never switched to inflow, and the launch conditions were not easy as the cycles had no north to them at all and almost 90 degrees cross.

Outflow conditions!
In the end a truckload of pilots drove down, but 4 or 5 of us managed to launch at which point we had really nice flights.  The best lift was at the foot of Cheam and to the east around the Lakes; I got to 1450m and Alex reported 1600+m in the same area.  Lift was hard to stay in as the wind was scrubbing sideways against the ridge and the trees were quite close!
Cheam summit.  Photo courtesy of Alex Raymont.

Flying along the foot of Cheam I heard what sounded like rocks falling and looked down to see an avalanche of snow and rocks coming down over a precipice and continuing down the avalanche chute below.  The snow is melting quickly although the Lakes are still mostly frozen over.
The LZ is a garden of dandelions!
No big distance today, but given how sparse the launch cycles were, I'm glad we were able to get off the hill and fly in the first place!  We've flown Bridal many times in outflow conditions (and it can be quite nice), but usually there is some north component to help things track up the ridge; today was probably the most east-wind-with-no-north flying we've done in a long time!

April 29 flight.

Coming in to land in no wind.  Photo courtesy of Alex Raymont.

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