Cloudy Easter @ Woodside April 20

Bob thinks she's going flying!  Photo courtesy of Alex Raymont.
The weather didn't look too good for the next few days so today was a fly day!  It was initially looking quite passable on the way out with nice cu's and filtered sun, but it had once again shaded over by the time we reached Agassiz and up to launch.  But pilots were staying up so time to get in the air!

It was surprisingly good, given the mostly overcast conditions, and we were able to get to 1300+m over Woodside and the embedded cu sitting overhead.  An easy flight to Agassiz Mountain and then time to head back as it looked to be deteriorating again.

Top-landed to swap gliders and then conditions improved with full-on sun appearing and quite strong in the air compared to the previous flight.  Unfortunately we could see rain heading our way from the west, so out to land before we got rained on.

A sweet mini-XC and a chance to test my glider with no ballast (it flew fine)!

Agassiz and back

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