Blanchard April 4

South launch day!
Today was a classic Blanchard day....raining and low cloudbase inland, but sunny with beautiful cu's right on the coast.  We had a posse of Canucks joining up with the regular Blanchard crowd for something like 20 pilots out today!
Nice cu's over the water.
Strong-ish south winds on launch but it wasn't too windy in the air, but my Flymaster wasn't working (dead battery, duh!) so I was sans-instruments today and no idea how windy it was in the air.  Other reports were somewhere in the vicinity of 16kph and cloudbase around 1200-1300m.
Bigger cu's inland!
The air was butter smooth and the thermals were huge so staying up wasn't a problem; several pilots opted to push south and play around over the flats.  Jim and Kevin got low at one point and were heading out to land when Jim found a low save and rode it back to cloudbase with Kevin soon following.  I flew out past Colony Road and over the water for over an hour before returning to the mountain to play with the eagles and Derek and Martin over launch.
Looking back at Blanchard.
The window of nice weather appeared to be closing as the dark clouds previously restricted inland started to merge with the cu's over the coast to make a more solid overcast layer.  The lift was getting easier and easier, so I figured it was time to land before it started raining or overdeveloping.  In the end many pilots trying to land were actually going up directly over the LZ and having to fly around to core sink.
Flying the flats south of the mountain.
A beautiful day at Blanchard with a near-record pilot turnout for a weekday I'm told!
Beautiful San Juan Islands.

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