Sun Valley August 31

Another cold morning (I camped at the hotsprings!), and a long wait on top of the mountain while we waiting for cloudbase to lift high enough (fortunately we have the restaurant to hang out in).  Eventually we had a task set to Galena Lodge and then back towards Sun Valley (50km), but by the time cloudbase lifted high enough, it was windy over the back, and it looked to be too windy to launch off the back side anyways, so the day was cancelled.

Back at HQ it was free pizza and beer and then relaxation time with the foozeball table or watching DVD's.  I think tomorrow will be too windy, but we'll see what the morning brings.  Fortunately, Sun Valley is a place where, when it's not flyable, there's plenty to do otherwise!

I've got some pics up, you can see them here.

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