Sun Valley August 28

Looking up, it's mostly cloudy and kinda pinkish.  Yesterday while at Sky Ridge I noticed the smoke from a fire SW of Sun Valley, so I think the smoke is moving in.  You can smell it too.  The tandems were operating this morning, and later on some pilots went up for sled rides.  I ended up going to Frenchmans's Bend Hot Springs instead, about 30 minutes from Sun Valley.

The forecast for next week is looking good sun-wise; I'm actually glad we're getting all this weather now, so we can get it out of the way by the time the comp rolls around.  But the forecast is also calling for snow-showers (!) over the next couple of days and especially at night!  Gah, and I thought we had a few more weeks of summer to go; that's what you get for living at 6000'.  Fortunately I think I have enough hand-heat-warmers hiding in my harness from last winter to keep me warm if it's that cold while flying!

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