Canadian Nationals Golden August 1

The morning tandems and sledrides were rather entertaining for us watching in the LZ...apparently it was nil wind on launch, people launching off the north side etc, but it was super-windy in the valley.  We watched at least 3 PG pilots land in the swamp, while those that tucked in close to the mountain made it to the LZ and then parked their way down.  Not very encouraging.  In addition, dark grey skies to the south made us decide to cancel the day due to wind and possible OD concerns.  (In the end, it did storm about 5pm with a large cell moving through dropping rain, wind, and lightening).

So the results from yesterday will stand as the official overall 3 are Robert, Will, and Othar.  We had 5 valid tasks out of 7, which is pretty good for Golden.

People are now starting to leave for Calgary or points elsewhere; I'll be leaving in the morning for the drive back to Vancouver.  After 2 1/2 weeks on the road, I'm looking forward to some down-time in Vancouver before my next road trip and comp in Sun Valley (end of August).

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  1. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for taking the time to blog.... enjoyed reading about the week.
    See ya in Sun Valley!