WCPC wrap up and thanks

We had 4 tasks over the 6 days, with the last day being the best. Overall results can be found here.

Overall, Matt Beechinor was 1st, followed by Josh Cohn and Matt Dadam. Serial class was dominated by Peter Warren, Brett Hardin, and Tim O'Neill. Melanie won 1st place in the women's class, followed by myself and then Meredyth in 3rd.

All the winners got nifty glass vases, and a bottle of wine from Fiasco Winery (where we had a free pancake breakfast a couple of days ago). Special thanks go to Mike and Gail Haley, who worked tirelessly all week. Gail kept us fed mornings and afternoons so when we arrived back at HQ we could replenish immediately. She also took care of special projects like the scholarship fund for a local Ruch student, and arranged for the local students to come up to launch on a field trip one day. Mike did an awesome job as meet director, keeping us in line and making sure things ran smoothly. And of course an army of volunteers, drivers, wind dummies, and assorted other people I can't all remember offhand at the moment.

Flying at Woodrat is great. Just make sure to arrive during a dry spell (which is pretty much all the time) and you'll get nice heights (up to 10,000') and excellent XC potential. Depending on the winds you can fly north to Grant's Pass, or south to Mt. Shasta in California. LZ's are plentiful and the people of Ruch are super-friendly!

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