WCPC: Day 7 and finally a 1000 point task!

Finally, the weather turned in our favor!

With a prevailing NW wind, task today was a triangle around the Ruch Valley, over the back towards Jacksonville, and goal at Donato's, near the town of Talent.

As it was a Saturday there were lots of free fliers, who were staying up no problem in the clearing skies, so when the window opened I was ready. Cloudbase was initially low, about 5000', but later rose to 5600' which gave me a good start at 1230.

I had a good run around the course until I hit Rabies for the second time, where I arrived a bit low and during a sink cycle, so I had to scratch around until I found a ripper to 6000' which got me back in the game. But my luck ran out at Burnt, where Tim and I arrived during a blue cycle, no clouds, and couldn't get very high for the usual run to Cemetary and Donato's. We decided to go on glide for Cemetary since it appeared Burnt wasn't working anymore, and arrived at Cemetary too low to catch anything, landing at the base. Oh well not goal, but a heck of a lot better than my flight yesterday. Tracklog is here.

Anyways, Tim and I picked up Melanie who had landed nearby and rode in the "bus of shame" to Donato's and goal, to pick up the 15 people who had made goal. Flight of the day was Veronica, who persevered for over 4 hours to get within 4 km of goal.

I'm glad we finally had a nice day. Usually Woodrat is like today, weather-wise, and it's very unusual that this place will get 1 week of rain and T-storms. But when a comp comes to town all bets are off!

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