Thanks for all the comments

I know there have been lots of people reading this blog recently (even though it started off mostly for my friends in Canada), and have received many comments in the past couple of days regarding Stefan's death and what I wrote about it. I've tried responding to most of you, but for those who left "anonymous" posts, or I don't have your email address to send a personal response to, many thanks for your wishes and kind words. It's nice to know you have friends in far-away places from people you barely (or don't) know.

I know I don't have the prose or wittiness (is that a word?) skills of some other bloggers, but I prefer to give the straight goods from a not-especially-skilled or racy pilot when it comes to big international events, but rather an average comp pilot who has the good fortune to be a part of it. For those who have emailed saying how your appreciate my blogging, and make reading it a part of your daily routine while at work or whatever, many thanks to you all as well. It's people like you who encourage me to continue writing, even though it may only be about my sled-ride flight at Woodside, or about how I sunk out and missed out on an epic XC day :)


  1. Hi, Nicole,

    We really appreciate your posting your experiences in Valle, and we're saddened that you were witness to that dreadful accident. You were so right to abort your attempts to land to offer assistance when it became clear that you were putting yourself in harm's way. Hang in there, keep making good decisions, enjoy the rest of the comp, and we'll see you in Chelan!

  2. Nicole, you write one of the most intersting blogs, covering Worlds. Thank you very much.

  3. Keep up the great work, Nicole - and please fly safe! I'm definitely one of those that is reading your blog regularly, and flying vicariously with you and the other Canucks. Good on all y'all (eh?) You had to share some terrible news, and witnessing it must have been horrific. Don't let it mess with your head too much. Very sorry to hear about Stefan ...
    So, keep up the great flying (and writing) and remember that you've got lots of friends back up here in the Great Wet North, that want to go flying with you this spring when you're back! Cheers, Robin