Owen's Valley

Back up to Gunter launch. Skies were nice looking with cu's but there was some wind in them. On launch the task committee decided on a short-ish task of 64 km, out-and-return, ending in Benton (at the California/Nevada border). The winds picked up just as the wind-techs launched and it was pretty clear it was windy, as they were pinned against the mountain and not penetrating to the valley, let alone get any thermals. One of them radioed back saying it was "sporty" and we saw lots of collapses so the day was cancelled (the wind-techs certainly earned their keep today!).

Stopped at the silica sand mines on the way back down the mountain, where you can land a paraglider on the white sand and avoid the sagebrush, if you don't get high enough to make the long glide out to the valley floor. Just like the beach, except no water! Pics are at http://mclearn.ca/gallery/ and click on CA 2008.

Back down in the valley it was blowing like stink so it was a good call. Honza decided to launch anyways, and the last we saw as we were driving down was him frisbee-ing downwind over the foothills. Knowing him he probably flew 100 km easy.

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