Owen's Valley

The final day of the comp and once again it was predicted to be windy…this time from the west. West here is supposedly the most dangerous direction, as if it gets windy, you end up pinned against the mountains and can’t get out, and end up blowing over the back (south or north winds you can usually slide off to the side if need be). With the winds already at 50 mph at White Mountain Peak and 70 mph at Mammoth, the call was eventually made to cancel this day as well for safety reasons.

Went hiking up towards Sabrina Lake, near Bishop Pass, for a few hours, and then back to Bishop for the party and awards ceremony. Many people had already left so the party was pretty small, and lots of food for those of us who remained! Results, after 2 comp days, are at http://www.2008usnationals.com/

I would have preferred at least 1 more day of comp flying, but I also respect the safety committee’s decisions to keep us safe. After flying here on the nice days, and seeing how strong and windy it can potentially get here, I’d rather play it safe (this place makes Golden look tiny by comparison!).

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