Lake Isabella

After the comp in Owen’s Valley, we were invited for some “bro’ towing” (his term, not mine!) with Brad Gunnuchio, since he had to set up his tow equipment for a clinic he was putting on. So off to Lake Isabella, at the south end of the Sierra Foothills, where they have their operation.

I wasn’t going to do any maneuvers since I still can’t do high-G stuff with my left arm, but Alex was ready to put his new glider through its paces. Towing is right from the beach where you can camp, and it’s plenty large to land at afterwards too. Alex had 2.5 tows; 2 of them he worked on his spins, stalls, and SATs. The last tow the operator couldn’t keep the tension up, and the line went slack, so Alex had to release early and low. He didn’t make the glide back to shore, and landed in the water about 100m from shore. I swam out to help him bring the glider back in, and spent the rest of the day drying things out as it blew out for towing anyways. At the end of the day everyone else went to look at the ridge soaring site on the banks of the lake while we went to repack his stuff. Off to Marina!

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