Another great day at the dunes. Got a late start but it didn't turn on until 1pm or so, when it was still light-ish so we headed back to Lakecourt launch.

Initially it was the same as yesterday, light but stay-upable, so we both went south to Sand City. Jumping the gaps was a bit of a challenge in the light winds but so long as you topped up between crossings, you were OK. Coming back was easier since it was all downwind and it was going a bit more south as the afternoon went on. Local pilot Vicki joined us from the Marina State Beach ramp launch for the Sand City run.

Back at Lakecourt I played around the nice low dune just north of launch, playing with the terrain and seeing how low I could travel north and still make it back to the safety of the high dunes at Lakecourt. Eventually the winds went more and more south as the afternoon went on, and got stronger. So we were both able to play around on the low stuff a bit more in the stronger winds until around 6pm, when I top-landed to end my day's session. Had to avoid a flock of seagulls that a couple of joggers had disturbed on the beach and they all flew up in our faces (just like that scene in Indiana Jones, where Papa Jones scares the birds off the beach with his umbrella to fly into the enemy plane's engine, since they didn't have a gun to shoot the plane down).

Another local pilot showed up, after saying he saw us from the highway on his way home from work, and rushed home to get his glider. He flew for a few minutes and declared it "too light", but I think he meant "too cross", since it was indeed getting more and more south and harder to stay up on the WNW faces. Alex landed about 6:30pm and then off to the park to de-sand our gliders and harnesses.

Now we are off to San Francisco for some possible flying at the Dumps, winds permitting. 3 for 3 days at Marina and this place just keeps working!

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