Started the day off at Marina State Beach, where the HG ramp is, since it was SW. But it was too light to maintain and cross to the high dunes from there, so we packed up and went to the Lakecourt launch instead. Much nicer, but still light, but stay-upable.

Alex headed south towards Sand City, sinking out and kiting up the sides of dunes to make his way there and back, while I stayed local and practiced my low passes just south of launch. A HG eventually came by while Alex was just coming back, so he top-landed to let the HG top-up at Lakecourt before continuing back to the ramp (when it's light winds, we like to give HG's the right of way since if they sink out, it's a much bigger deal).

Stayed light all day, another 2-3 mph and it would have been nice and strong for going to the low stuff and doing wagas. But still 3 hours or so of flying and getting sand in everything :)

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