Chelan US PG Nats July 13

July 13 task.
Really nice looking skies today and not too much wind, so the task committee decided to mix things up a bit and send us north. First we had to fly partway up Lake Chelan to 4th of July peak, then head to Omak via the Chelan airport. This would allow pilots the choice of flying the mountains or the flats.

Heading up past Manson.
Flying up the lake was fantastic with a nice gaggle to share the thermals with, and things were going well until the airport. I got a bit low and was in the south wind, so I had to slow down.  Scunging along in weak broken lift I got myself to Pateros where I was able to semi-establish myself at 1300m and continue scraping along the foothills.

Approaching 4th of July peak.
I had company for a lot of the flight and my gaggle of mostly Peak 4's made our way along the foothills until about 20 km from goal. There I lost them as they got a climb I missed, then I was solo for the last bit of the flight. I could see Omak but didn't have a visual on goal, so I made sure to top up before flying over the river and city before I could see goal in the far side.

Goal in Omak was the baseball diamonds to the left.
Time on task was just over 4 hours, quite slow, but I was glad to have been slow and steady as it looked like a lot of pilots landed short tafte getting low in the valleys north of the Methiw valley.  Those that took the flatland route were a bit quicker but it looks like the majority of pilots took the mountain route!
Lots of pilots in goal!
Results, when available, should be here. And tracking can be found here here.

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