Chelan US PG Nats July 12

The forecast was calling for some big clouds and possible precipitation, but we were hoping to get a quick task in.  So a short 53km task along the main roads to Mansfield and Farmer was called.

How much $$ sitting in the back?
The clouds were building so it was going to be marginal as to whether the task would even run or not.  As I started my climb out over launch I kept an eye on the clouds over the flats...they were building fast.

The skies around 10:30am
When I finally had a chance to get on the radio to alert the organization that it was starting to drop out along the course line and it may be a good idea to cancel things, Matt got on the radio and announced that the task was cancelled due to rain on the course line. I was glad, as the clouds were building at an incredible rate and flying into that building mass of clouds did not sound like a good idea.
The skies at 12:45. Task cancelled!
About 20 minutes after landing, it started thunder and lightening from the cell sitting directly on the rim over Farnham Canyon. Everyone in the vicinity was down safely, and those still in the air ran either east towards Mansfield and then north to Bridgeport, or straight north to Brewster.

The skies at 1:15, everyone is landing ahead of the incoming storm from the south!

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