Sun Valley September 2

Well we gave it the ol' college try, but alas the winds were too strong for safe XC flying so the day was cancelled.  A few pilots braved the winds and flew to Otto's Peak, with at least one (acro) pilot reporting wild conditions as he was coming in to land at the festival grounds.  A later group who went up at 3pm reported 30-35kph on launch; only Honza flew that time and went to the Pioneer Mountains and back, as only Honza can do!

This has been a really windy 2 weeks for Sun Valley.  This is my 5th trip here, and on previous trips (at the same time of year) there has been wind on some days, but it's been flyable and XCable a good portion of the time.  Apparently this stretch of wind, this time of year, is the worst the locals have seen in years.  Fortunately Sun Valley is an excellent place to hang out and do other things on the unflyable's called Sun Valley for a reason!

We just did the draws for a couple of prizes: the week-long condo stay in Annecy (valued at 500 Euro) went to Bill Belcourt; the runner-up prize, the last GoPro, went to Gavin McClurg.  All the money raised goes towards Kinsley Wong's medical bills.

A big thank-you to Mike Pfau who spent months (years) organizing both comps and dealing with all the issues that go with running a comp.  He had a large contingent of volunteers to help out with things such as retrieve, safety, food/beer, plus the mentoring talks offered during the OD comp.  Thanks also to the locals such as Nate, Farmer, and Gavin for offering their local knowledge plus essential things like showers :)  Despite the winds this time around, I had a great time, and I really hope Mike continues to offer comps in Sun Valley.  When this place is on, it's really ON!!

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