Gourdon/Greolieres Sept 27-28

Photos are here!

The weather was looking a bit better to the south so it was time to head to Greolieres and Gourdon.  After exploring Greolieres on a windy day (nobody was flying) we headed to Gourdon as the winds were much lighter and the skies were the bluest we've seen in a few days.

Flying over Gourdon
Initially there weren't any other pilots on launch (usually a bad sign for most sites in Europe), but it turns out we were just early...carloads of pilots showed up within the hour and soon everyone was figuring out when to launch and whether we could stay up etc.  Bands of high cirrus every so often but essentially blue skies and light SE winds, but an inversion kept us below 1300m.

I flew over to the Ozone testing site and watched the Ozone guys put their prototype EN-B and -C gliders through their paces, while Bruce Goldsmith was flying nearby on his new EN-C as well.  This part of the flying site has quite high ground below which means it's easy to sink out if you aren't careful...it's quite neat to have these differing levels of terrain under you as it keeps you on your toes!  Meanwhile the British tour group was lobbing pilots off and they were staying up over the actual town of Gourdon (perched on a cliff) so I flew over to join them.  It was very cool to fly over this little town with sheer cliffs dropping down to the valley to the Mediterranean sea.  I could see the runways of both Cannes and Nice airports, as well as some cruise ships.

All this while we could see a few cu's to the east, towards Nice, but all of a sudden something changed and cu's started forming at 1300m right over us.  I was keeping an eye out for any weird wind that may have appeared with the cu's, but nope it stayed light winds so I kept flying and back to launch to watch the later pilots continuing to lob off launch.

Pilots kept launching and flying until around 3pm, when the approaching front clouded us over and it was time to land.  It looks like that's the end of flying for at least the next day or so, as this next system winds it way through the region.

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  1. Cool! It must have been neat to see all that testing going on around you. Sounds like you're getting some fun flights in, hope the weather plays nice for you guys on the rest of your trip :)