Sun Valley August 30-31

This is what happens when you combine beer with volleyball.
Yesterday was too windy for XC flying so Mike put on a spot landing contest with $100 to the winner.  It was quite funny to watch everyone coming in from every direction (it was light and variable) and then butt-skid in...only stand-up landings counted however.  I flew around for an hour or so; at 11,000' I had single digits facing over the back so it was definitely windy up high.

Today we thought it may be XCable as the winds were slightly less, but there was the threat of thunderstorms in the afternoon, so Mike set a scorable-flight deadline of 2pm.  But when we got up to launch it was quite windy from the SE and it was high cirrus.  With pilots milling around and not heading down to launch because of the winds Mike et al cancelled the day and it was free-flying only.

Two pilots tried to go to Trail Creek but didn't get far before the winds hit them, and most other pilots did another spot landing contest.  I chose to ride the gondola back down.  It's now afternoon and the clouds are getting big but no thunderstorms have rolled through yet :)

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