Practice day August 18

OK I took the day off from flying since I had a nice flight yesterday and wanted to be rested for tomorrow, but went up to launch anyways to lay out gliders and socialize.  Less smoke than yesterday and we could actually see other peaks around, although the valley floor was still invisible to us.

This smoke could make for interesting tactics during tasks.  For those pilots used to watching other pilots/gaggles to help them with their decision-making, the lack of visibility could be a detriment.  On the other hand, you are also invisible to other pilots if you get a good line or climb :)  The smoke can also wreak havoc with planning ahead...if you have a big gap to cross, or a specific mountain to reach  in the distance, and you can't see it, it's hard to plan your route ahead or where you want to end up.

Pilots are all registered and we are planning on flying the first task tomorrow!

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