Valle de Bravo January 22

Another beautiful day in Valle!  Even more people on launch as the last of the PWC pilots show up; apparently only the Austrians are still in transit as their plane got stuck in Toronto :)

There is a tow operation started up just east of the Piano LZ; a Dragonfly was towing hang gliders up so they wouldn't have to deal with the PG hoopla.  Not sure if they will be continuing to tow during the comp.

Where to put down?
Today's flight was pretty much a repeat of yesterday, except I added a leg to the east after Serro Gordo.  The flying to Divisidero was a bit more tricky than yesterday; I got below the rim and ended up tagging the antennas from around and below before thermalling back up to rim height.  Oh well, good practice to see just how low you can go and weaving around all the gullies.  I saw some pilots even lower than I and they also did the run just fine.  Of course higher is better since you can fly faster and straighter!

Over at Serro Gordo the convergence was going strong so I decided to run it to the east towards La Casa; easy gliding under the cloudstreets to the point I came back to Serro Gordo higher than when I left, allowing a leisurely glide to Torre launch where the commercial tandems were doing brisk business on a Sunday afternoon.
The LZ was crowded yet again; it's even a bit smaller now since the organization has installed additional fencing and gates with all the sponsor logos etc to keep the pilots separate from the general public.

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  1. Yes Nicole! Nice reports, keep it coming. Good luck during the PWC! wouter