A lazy day in Valle

Despite it being (yet another) beautiful flyable day, I decided against flying and relaxed around town instead.

Healthy breakfast
Superfinal registration was tonight as well as the mandatory safety briefing.  Tomorrow is the official practice day (it sounds like they will be setting a mock task) and the opening ceremony, complete with some Mexican cultural events.  Apparently there will be nightly film festival offerings as well, assuming we are not yet collapsed in bed after a hard day of comp flying.

Getting psyched about the SF; it'll be a hard competition for me I'm sure, but I'm game to pit myself against some of the best in the world!


  1. Don't drink too much Mescal tonight! Stay focused! ;)

  2. Hey Nic, good to follow your blog. Sounds like your rested and ready.
    your definitely dialed in so let it go girl!