Bridal May 9

We didn't get out to the Fraser Valley until later in the afternoon, so we missed all the potential XC from Woodside. Cloudbase was looking epic at over 2200m, so I was figuring a PG pilot would succeed with the fabled Woodside-Bridal-Woodside triangle. But it sounded like the Green Hill crossing wasn't working today and most people sunk out in Agassiz.

Meanwhile up at Bridal it was looking pretty good. Strong lift and lots of development over the back, with the odd snowsquall over Gloria and Elk. Crossed to Elk and got quite high at 2000m, and then pushed out west past the first tower and to the second tower lower down. I was still at 1500m but decided to turn around, although I got back to Elk with so much height I probably could have continued west a bit longer before turning around (now I know I can push out that far at least, and still get back though!).

It was starting to snow quite heavily in spots and the development was getting larger and darker over the Elk side of the range, so I ran away east to Ludwig. Wind reports were coming in so I knew coming back from Ludwig might be an issue, but I wanted to try it anyways so I continued on. Got my highest at Cheam at 2200+m in the middle of a snowstorm. I learned that while on speed bar, snow grains really hurt your face!

Yup, coming back from Ludwig was harder, and the lack of sun didn't help as it had milked over and gotten dim. But I was able to find a bit of lift at the Lakes to get me to 1400m, which was enough to make the LZ in the dying part of the thermic day. So my first "Sammie" of the season! Tracklog.

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