Blanchard October 26, 2023

 The forecast was calling for unstable conditions, but too much north for the Fraser Valley, but Blanchard was looking like a possibility as the north wind wasn't forecast to kick in there until the following day.  So a group of 5 Canadians made the trek across the US border.

The RASP for Blanchard showed light north, OK when it's otherwise unstable, with stronger N wind the following day.  So today was going to be the day, if at all!

Oodles of pilots out, 19 in total, and the north wind was in evidence but very light, so it was flyable on the west side.  Hard to get high, launch is at 390m or so, and the highest I was able to get was 580m.  So lots of traffic and had to keep your head on a swivel in order to avoid other pilots.

Fortunately lots of birds around the NW side to help us out, but I don't think anybody got to cloud base.  Eventually landed after 1.5 hours as my hands were getting cold!

Light WNW on the water on the way to the LZ.

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