Mt. St. Benedict September 30, 2023

The forest fire at Mt. St. Benedict was (finally) out so lots of pilots out today to enjoy one of the last warm summer days.  North wind up high so the clouds were forming over the back and then spreading out in front of launch, creating lots of shade.  But if you could get up, you could get high and then fly the shade/sun interface all along the Mt. St. Benedict-Dewdney range!  And cloud base was somewhere in airspace, but it was cold enough you didn't want to get that high anyways! 

RASP for Mt. St. Benedict September 30, 2023.  North wind up high.

The LZ had Danny Virtue's stunt horses inside, so they were not bothered by us landing at all, but there were lots of "horse presents" to avoid when packing up :)  And it was very warm and peaceful in the LZ!

Lots of lift despite the cloud cover and north wind.  Photo courtesy of Alex Raymont.

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