Woodside September 4-5

 A mostly-cloudy day but rather unstable, a good day to fly, top-land, and directly compare gliders as I was further-test-flying a Lynx2.

Woodside RASP showing the overcast but concurrent instability.

Ultimately decided against the L2 as I didn't find it that different, performance-wise, from my current Swift6.  So at this point better to stick with my current glider and keep looking.

Kevin and myself flying under the overcast skies.  Photo courtesy of Alex Raymont.

The next day was a clearing one, forecast to blow out by early afternoon, and with the winds, looked like a possible "glass off" at the end of the day.  First flight of the day, Martin N and I got off the hill early and flew to Agassiz via Cemetery Hill which was quite turbulent, most other pilots stood down as it got too windy on launch.  For the second flight at the end of the day it was indeed glassing-off.  Lots of happy pilots in the LZ!

Woodside RASP for September 5 showing the possible glass-off.

Enjoying the smooth lift as the sun was setting.

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