Woodside October 28-29, 2023

 What a fantastic weekend for the end of October!  It was lightly thermic for ~4-5 hours both days, and given that it was a weekend, lots of pilots were out.  We had 25-30 on Saturday and 10-15 on Sunday, and most had 1-2 hour flights!

Relocating the Bridal LZ weather station to Woodside launch.

All the bald eagles were out in force this weekend with most of them hanging out on the SE corner of the south knob.  The prevailing winds were light east so it made sense, and that's also where most of the pilots found the best/most lift.  The conditions on the Saturday were too east for top-landing, and on the Sunday it was difficult to get back to launch height in the first place.

Thanks to Bev, Norm. and Ascent FV Guides for the shuttle service this weekend!

And thanks to Tom Gregg for installing the not-being-used Bridal weather station at Woodside instead, to tide us over until we get newer weather stations sorted out.  Now the Zak-o-meter is working again!

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