Pemberton May 7

With Covid-19 making rides up difficult, Alex and I decided to hike up via the Reid Road way, to shave off the first 200m or so from the gravel pit.

Took us 1 hour 20 minutes, going at my slow pace, and arrived at Lower Launch to a few pilots already hiked up ahead of us, and more following later on.  

Nice launch cycles and and easy climb out to upper launch, which is still in snow along with the road.  Cruised out to Goat Mountain and almost 3000m several times, which this time of year is really cold!

Since our car was at Reid Road, logistically it was easiest for both us to top land and drive a truck down, rather than land at the LZ and risk our agreement with the SLRD during Covid-19 times.  Coming in to land, there was unexpected sink on my final and I landed a bit short by maybe 20 feet with not much energy to flare, not a big deal but everyone coming in was experiencing the same thing.  Need to practice my energy generation and retention for those no-step flare landings!

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