Mt. St. Benedict May 27

After getting Al to drive our gliders up with his students, we hiked up the trail.  Light north wind all around and I was thinking of flying into the Norrish Valley while Alex wanted to go deep.

Kevin and Brad were with me when I decided to go into the Norrish but they bailed on entering the valley and flew back to Woodside via the conventional route.  At Rose Peak it was not that nice, in fact it sucked!  And the only place to land at that point was the water reclamation plant next to Norrish Creek.  But I was able to find a climb in the lee of Big Nick, enough to get high enough to cross over into the Fraser Valley, where the air was much nicer, smoother, and lots of LZ options then.

Crossing back to Dewdney was easy in the light east wind, and there is a new cut block on the east side of Dewdney with road access.  But the bottom of the cut block may have too-tall trees in front, not sure if it could become a morning site?

Flying back along the Miracle Valley was actually a headwind in the north wind, and not a gimme.  But landed at the LZ and then it was time to chase Alex who had flown the back route and then crossed Harrison Lake to the Bridal side.

A bit of an issue as Tom G landed behind Archibald and had to hike down to the end of the Bridal FSR where Bev was waiting for him.  Fortunately it was an uneventful landing for him and he was back in the LZ within a couple of hours, no in-the-dark-hiking for him!

Mt. St. Benedict to Rose Peak and return flight.

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