Dewdney Bench May 15

That was a long and bushwacky hike up to the Bench!  I won't be doing that route again anytime soon... :)

And then when we arrived it was blowing very west, almost 90 degrees cross from the right.  After drying off in the sun the clouds came in and it was getting shady, and Alex managed to launch in a very cross west cycle, and actually launched to the west instead of the SW.  I had to wait about an extra hour for a straight in SW cycle, and by that time it was overcast, but I just wanted to get off launch and didn't mind if it turned into a sled ride at that point.

Drying out after a bushwack hike.  Photo courtesy of Alex Raymont.

But it was unexpectedly lightly lifty over to the west side over the gravel pit, and I was soon at cloud base at 1500m.  Flew over to the Steelhead side and it was nicely lifty over there too, easy to stay up over the houses on the bluffs overlooking the NW end of Lake Hatzic.  There were a few gliders in the air from Mt. St. Benedict but it looked much shadier out that way, so I was happy to be at the sunnier end of the Miracle Valley.

The LZ next to the greenhouses was chest-high grass, fortunately it was dry underneath and easy to pack up in, and then it was a wade-through-the-grass-fest out to the gate.  And it was still blowing NW in the LZ (opposite to the usual south direction), so it was rather an unusual wind direction day overall.

Dewdney Bench flight.

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