Pemberton Goodness April 9-10

West side of Spindrift Moutain, looking SSE.
Lots of pilots were out for their first 100+ km XC's of the season, flying up to Spindrift Mountain and back to Pemberton.  There is still a bit too much snow on the valley floor to go much further than Spindrift, so we have to wait a bit for Athelstan and beyond.  The wind was north but flukey so the thermals were a bit hard to read and I saw lots of wing dancing, and some pilots complained of nausea as well.  But it was light-enough winds to not really be a problem and climbs to 2600m.  It was cold!
The Meager volcano with the landslide.  The valley floor is still snow-covered!

Some pilots flew south instead, down Lilloet Lake, and reported equally light-but-north conditions as well.  All in all it was a good day to stretch the XC muscles.

Saturday flight.

Looking towards Bralorne and Goldbridge.  Lennies in the distance.
Sunday it was the regular SW direction but still lots of lift, but it took a long time to climb out, 45 minutes for Andrew, Simon, and myself.  Painful, but worth it to finally get high and start moving.  It wasn't really possible to head over the back since we weren't getting high enough so we flew north again, this time turning around at Sampson.
The Hurley FSR is still snow-covered.

The SW was picking up and I could see lenticulars forming in the distance so I suspected it would get windy soon.  After my photo session I flew back to launch and the SW was indeed picking up, to the point that I wondered if it would become unsafe to land at the usual LZ's later on.  I ended up landing near the gravel pit to retrieve the car, and during my leisurely packup watched the wind pick up and the trees start waving around.

Sunday flight.
Mt. Sampson!
Those that flew down Lilloet Lake had to fly back into the wind and it soon starting raining paragliders over Mt. Currie (the village, not the mountain!).  And for those that went to the Wray LZ it got gustier with some pilots having to speedbar their way down.  But in the end everyone was down safely!

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