Bridal April 18

Better than yesterday, probably due to the fact we actually had blue skies instead of white skies, but still not a "gimmee" day.  Got to almost 1500m a few times but it was more like 1200m the rest of the time.

Still lots of snow on upper launch.

Near the end of the day a pilot flew into some trees just west of launch at around 400m.  He was totally fine but trapped at the top of the tree, with his glider visible and dangling from the crown.  We advised him to secure himself to the tree and await Search and Rescue since he wasn't sure he could descend the tree himself.  Fortunately he had gone in quite close to the remains of an old road so SnR was able to drive partway and then hike the remaining bit.  Last we heard they were just getting him out of the tree as dark was coming on, so I imagine the pilot will have to return tomorrow to get the glider out.

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