Pemberton April 17

A rather lame day after all, for XC flying anyways, as none of us were able to get above 1000m with the thick high cirrus.  I spent over an hour groveling at lower launch height, or below, and when I finally got back up to launch height, I took the opportunity to top-land so I could dress down and rest.  Andrew "got away" but landed out at the base of Owl, and most everyone else landed in the LZ.

At the end of the day I flew the Skin down, my first single-surface glider, and it was fun!  A zippy little glider and idiotically easy to kite and launch, but a bit disconcerting in flight with all the rustling of the exposed ribs.  And the glide and climb is much less than my current glider.  A fun toy if you want to hike up with a glider in a 15L daypack!

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