Chelan July 5

Forest fire SW of Chelan, with the launch Butte on the right.
Well I sunk out on the rim and had a long (2+ hours) hike out over hill and dale before I found a ride to the Chelan Falls LZ.  But I'm OK with it since I'd rather get my sinking-out-on-the-rim over with now, rather than do it next week during the comp!

Heard Martin and Mia on the radio as they were towing at Mansfield.  Alex was with me on the glide to the rim and was a bit higher; he got away and is currently on his way to Reardon.  He hasn't landed yet but I imagine he will land at Reardon to avoid the Spokane airspace (we checked the charts before leaving Canada!) for his new personal best of something like 160km!!!!  I'm now on my way to pick him up...

Forest fire to the SW of Chelan just started up today; hope it doesn't get too big or shut the flying down here.  It's sunny and hot!

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