Chelan July 13

Big skies early in the day.
Another disappointing flight for me today...east wind on the rim and landed out at the top of Farnham Canyon while others climbed out above me :(  A 3-hour wait for the retrieve van which never showed up, finally they sent a truck for me after realizing I still hadn't been picked up.  Meanwhile about a half dozen made goal (Sims then goal in Mansfield) with many others scattered in between Sims and Mansfield.  Alex crossed an hour early and flew to just past Mansfield before returning to land near Martin and Mia's house.

The day didn't start out very promising...big cu's and overdevelopment and we thought the day was done, but then it blue'd up nicely for the afternoon.  The strong east winds were problematic though...transitioning to the rim is harder when it's east vs. west.  And it was quick tricky on launch too...I launched early and heard that the later launchers were doing the Chelan Butte Shuffle as they tried to find the best place to launch.  And we had one reserve toss drifting towards the powerlines, slight injuries since he landed on a hard road vs. a soft moondust field.

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