Ager World Cup Task 4, August 25

Task 4
Another quick task since there was a good chance of OD and storms later on.  This time a 90km along-the-ridge then over the back (62km once you take out the cylinders) to land at Vilamitjana.

I found the flying very pleasant and I wasn't in any hurry, taking climbs to the max and stopping often for lift.  It was probably completely unnecessary given the abundant cloud action, but I didn't really want to land out on such a great-looking day :)  About the only time I got low was heading over the back to Abella Conca, but I was able to find a windy thermal to put me back to cloudbase and onwards.

Race has started!
There was so much lift that pretty much all the legs were easy.  As I passed over goal on my way to the final TP at Castel del Mur I could see dozens of gliders landing, and I soon joined then after tagging the Castle and backtracking to goal.  And this time I wasn't even last into goal :)

Today's task was really quite nice...the clouds were big but not huge and there was plenty of lift on the flats.  Many happy pilots at HQ tonight ;)

World Cup results can be found here, photos are here, and my tracklog is here.

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