Chelan Butte PWC July 24

I didn't have a great flight today...very windy from the SSW and I wasn't able to penetrate into the wind for the leg back to the Butte (from Brewster).  Landed at the edge of the plateau and was able to scoop a ride with Greg Kelley's private retrieve truck, which was a good thing since we didn't see an official retrieve van until Bump in the Road.  Many others landed at the TP, and in the end only about 9 pilots made goal, with many others missing the Butte TP since it was a 400m radius and hard to reach from the lee.

But I was able to hold onto 3rd place in the women's overall rankings, which means I get a spot in the Superfinal in Turkey if I want it.  If I go I'll have to upgrade to at least an EN-D glider :)

You can see the overall results at the PWC website.  Alex and I are now heading to Golden for the Canadian Nationals.  The weather is looking sunny and hot!


  1. Great job in this comp, Turkey ? you gotta go dog

  2. Well done Nic. We will be thinking of you all in Golden . Wish we were there. Lee @ Dave. Manilla.

  3. That's fantastic Nicole, congrats on such a great finish!


    Great Job in super hard core conditions - the endurance factor in these flight is stunning!

    OMG you "have to" go to Turkey!! :o)

    Massive Congrats on a stellar performance!