Chelan Butte July 14

A "light" wind day so Alex and I decided to fly to Sim's corner and back to the Butte (about 80 km OR). The usual mayhem in the air above the Butte as the comp pilots got established and then all on glide for the rim and the flats.

Once established on the flats we flew together towards Sim's corner and found some east wind (?), so we turned back for the Butte. The comp pilots were coming back from sinky Leahy so we crossed paths over Mansfield, and a long slog back to the rim against the crosswind from the south. I didn't top up enough to make it over and landed next to McNeil canyon and a quick hitchhike back, while Alex got over the rim and down to the soccer field. About 80 km for Alex and 70km for me. Meanwhile lots of pilots in goal, and no accidents today!

Of course my 2 GPS's crapped out during the flight and now won't work (!), so I have to scramble to get a replacement/loaner in time for the weekend. Today (Thursday) is the last day of the Chelan Open so a lot of pilots are leaving, to be replaced by those showing up for next week.

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