Canadian Nationals Golden July 27

It looked forecast to OD eventually, and be south wind, so we set a task to the north to Donald Station, back to Moberly Peak, and goal at Chris Muller's house in the Blaeberry (about 57km).  The air was not as spicy as yesterday, so it was easier flying I found.  Climbs to 3100+m.

Didn't find the usual lift at the Moberly mine so went around the corner a bit in the Blaeberry to get high, and then did the crossing to the other side of the valley to Willobank Mountain.  Once over there it was an easy ridge run to the end, tank up, and then head out for Donald Station.

Back to Willobank Mountain up to cloudbase and then did the into-wind slog across the valley back to Moberly.  I wasn't able to tag the TP at first, and had to tank up and try 3 times on the ridge over Chris' house before I got high enough to tag it.  Of course then it was an easy glide to Chris' house and I arrived at goal with a few thousand feet to spare.

The skies were starting to get big so it was tough to get down (of course!).  About 22 people in goal I figure, with several people in goal for their first time (always nice to see!).

Some photos are here.  Since there is no website for results at the moment, I've also included some photos of the results: Task 1, Task 2, and Overall after 2 days.

Later in the day it did OD and start spitting rain in the LZ and we had some thunder, so a good call to make the task short and quick, with people on the ground a few hours before the rain hit.  We will see what tomorrow brings weather-wise.

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