Grouse Mountain June 22

This time cloudbase was higher so we were able to launch from the peak. But it was still low...1200m initially, then it got higher at the end of the day. Greg, Alex, and I flew NW up Capilano Lake towards Crown Mountain, where Greg and Alex were able to ridge soar up the NW face and get to 1500m and above cloudbase while I was stuck on the lower slopes at 1200m.

Playing with the clouds for about 1.5 hours and then out to land in thermic conditions. Apparently Alex heard Jim and Derek on 146.415 mHz...sometimes it's possible to talk to the FV pilots if conditions are right!


  1. Are you aware that 146.415 is in the 2 meter Amateur Radio band and that you must have at least a Technician class Amateur Radio license to use that frequency?

    1. Absolutely! We all have the relevant license to be legal on that band and frequency :)

      Nicole aka VE7NCL

    2. Nicole, great to see some legal ham paragliders on the band. It is very important that the word get spread to non-ham para/hang gliding users in the ham band (we all know they are there) that the licence is required. I was in pemberton during the nationals, and there was only one callsign I heard used for over an hour of race comms. There is a world-wide awareness campaign going around, so be sure to pass on the word. Dave aka VE7LTD