Okanagan road trip May 28-29, 2023

Went for a quick road trip to the Okanagan.  Began at Coopers where it was forecast to blow over the back, so went up early and it was indeed rough and turbulent on the east side.  So much so that I decided to head over to the Saddle where it was much smooth (it faces west) and was able to stay up indefinitely there.  Eventually landed at the LAR Flight Park as it looked like it was overdeveloping (as the RASP was forecasting).

Coopers RASP for May 28.

Coopers flight.  

After lunch went over to the King Eddy LZ where I met up with Lars and crew, got a ride up to Baldy and was able to enjoy the newly-laid carpet.  So nice to launch and pack up on carpet (at both Coopers and KE!)

King Eddy RASP for May 28

King Eddy/Baldy flight.

The following day it was forecast to be a bit blown-out in the North Okanagan but less-so in the South Okanagan, so I went to Ottos to fly with Peter, Rob, and Amir.  But the flight was a bust as I sunk out (my first sink out at this site!) in a grand total of 4 minutes.  One of my shortest flights ever!

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