Upper MacKenzie Pemberton, June 23, 2022

RASP for June 23.  You can see the overdevelopment spikes for the afternoon.

Light north aloft, which usually means it'll be a bit rough and bumpy, at least on the MacKenzie side.  This time was no different!  It was also rather on the unstable side, so in the Interior, down Lilloet Lake, etc, it was overdeveloping, so it wasn't going to be a big distance flight.  Plus it was COLD, like, -10°C at top of lift cold!

Sooo much snow still!  The Copperdome bivy site is still covered in snow, which means an easy toplanding and lots of snowmelt available for drinking, but you'd need to bring your winter camping gear to sleep on the snow.  But also with that much snow still, no mosquitos!

As predicted, the MacKenzie side was kinda rough, so after returning to launch I jumped over to the Miller side and Satellite mountain where the air was *much* nicer.  Fortunately because it's the height of summer, the east-facing slopes are in the sun for most of the day, so being on the Miller side in the afternoon still had plenty of thermic action.  Popped my head into the Rutherford Valley just to see what was going on, yep some OD to the south now down towards Whistler-way, time to go and land!

56km OR flight

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