Pemberton Upper MacKenzie July 11

 Today was looking like quite a nice day with cu's reported yesterday and (compared to yesterday) lighter wind forecasted.  LOTS of pilots on launch today, great to see!

I launched a bit earlier than usual as it looked to be working around the corner to the SE, and after a few minutes of scratching around the corner from the Telus Towers I was able to get to 2700m and crossed to the Miller valley.  Tom Kitto and Dave A. were with me.  Over on the Miller side it was windier from the west than expected, so the entire mountain range over there was in rotor, making for very rough flying!  Lots of active flying, lots of weighlessness, and one big frontal blowout which I was able to control for the excitement of Dave who was watching ;)

Not wanting a repeat of the Mt. Morrison debacle of a few days ago, after enjoying the glacier scenery of the Miller valley I crossed to Mt. Barbour, where, despite it being more into-the-wind, it was still rough and generally not-nice air.  I wasn't feeling like getting beat up for the next 4 hours so I turned around and landed back in Pemberton, where pretty much everyone else who landed said the same thing "it was shit".

The group who went down to Lilloet Lake were saying the same thing, and 3 or 4 of them landed either at the snowshed on the Duffy Lake road, or at the south end of Duffy Lake.  I believe one of them was under reserve (but was OK).  All in all, a very rough, unpleasant day, a "Type 2" fun sort of day.

50km FAI triangle on a rough day.

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