El-Nido July 19, 2021

 Most of the southern part of the province east of Vancouver is on fire, and with the winds, we didn't have a lot of flying options.  Clearwater looked to be the least windy, although smokey, so the BCXC group headed there for the day.

Clearwater RASP for July 19

Hot hot hot as usual in Clearwater in mid-July :) and the wind was crossing from the west as per usual, making thermalling in the smoke difficult.  I stayed up for 30 min before calling it a day and landing for a swim at Dutch Lake.  Peter and James flew to Clearwater to land closer to the lake ;)  Too smokey to be really enjoyable, but it was nice to get away from the coast for a few days!

Short flight at El Nido.

A smokey and dry (look at the dormant grass!) El Nido launch. 
Photo courtesy of Richard Bruneau.

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