Bridal Falls May 4

 The previous day at Bridal I had cut my "Sammy" short by turning around at the Butterfly instead of at Ludwig, so today I wanted to do the entire Sammy.  A not-especially high cloudbase day (1500m perhaps) and it was doing that "shelf" thing were the cu's merge together into a giant continuous band of overcast over the peaks.  Fortunately it was very cloud-sucky so you could pretty much just ride the edge of the clouds and run the ridge that way!

Getting down to Ludwig was easy and the return was slow, but not too bad.  Getting around the corner of Cheam can sometimes be challenging, especially on low-cloudbase-high-wind days, but it was not too bad and once around the corner, easy to beam back out to cloudbase and continue the run upwind.

Other pilots were doing Sammies as well and I believe Peter actually 2 Sammies back-to-back, with the second Sammy being with no turns, just running under the shelf of clouds.  Lots of happy faces in the LZ that evening as we were able to fly until 7pm easily, and with the days getting longer and longer, we'll soon be able to fly until 8 or 9pm!

42 km Bridal OR.

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