Bridal Falls May 2

 After dropping Alex off at Dewdney Bench (he and Pete were planning to fly to Bridal) I made my own way over to the other side of the Fraser Valley for an afternoon Bridal run.

A beautiful afternoon at Bridal.  Photo courtesy of Simon Beaumont.

I figured the wind would pick up in the afternoon so after launching I decided to head downwind first to the Butterfly, to take advantage of the lighter winds earlier on in the flight for the upwind return leg.  Easy cruising between 1000 and 1700m, not quite high enough to get over the peak of Cheam which is still very snowy!

Windy enough to kite in the LZ.  Photo courtesy of Rod Frew.

There were lots of clouds forming out over the flats at Rosedale as well as at the end of Elk Mountain, so I decided to push to the west under those clouds to Ryder Lake before the easy downwind glide back to Elk, Gloria, and back to Bridal.  A bit spicy in the LZ with gusty thermals coming through but doable, a nice change actually to have some wind to land in!  All in all a very nice strong spring day running under the forming cu's out front of the main mountain range.

45 km Bridal OR.

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