Pemberton Miller Ridge June 30

My first hike-n-fly to Miller Ridge for this season!  The forecast was for possible overdeveloping conditions so an early flight seemed like a good idea, so we took the 8am shuttle to the drop off spot and then it's a ~1 hour hike (400m elevation gain) to the actual launch meadows.

The mosquitoes were epic, and I resorted to putting my bug net on to at least keep my head and face free of mossies.  Wear long sleeves and pants if you are going up Miller!  It gets better once you break out into the alpine, but even on launch there were still some, so be prepared.

Looking towards Ipsoot mountain and the glacier.
It was blowing lightly from the east and occasionally shading out from the big clouds spewing over from the MacKenzie side, so I waited for a sunny cycle and was able to climb pretty much right away over the old hut.  Others climbed up over the end of Miller Ridge, and Vlad and Igor said they were flying south to Whistler.

Peter went into the Soo valley and reported low cloud base and some wind so I decided not to go there and stayed around the Ipsoot area, exploring the ice fields and crevasses.  Then it was over to the flanks of Sugarloaf and then the shade was full-on, and it was the giant glide to the Pemberton LZ while Alex landed at the Miller Beer Farm to get his first entry in the "Paragliding PubTag" game.

Igor and Vlad made it to Squamish and return, hats off to them for pushing despite the low cloud base and not great-looking conditions!

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