June 29 Woodside

Today was a hard day to predict, since the actual flying conditions didn't match up with the forecast and the opening-up skies was very delayed.  We were initially thinking of heading to Mt. St. Benedict (and a group did go there) but we eventually decided on Woodside instead with the overcast skies and the fact WS usually opens up first.

But it turned into a much different day.  A slow start at Woodside and also Mt. St. Benedict, and cu's in nonstandard spots, and unexpected rain cells.  Alex was able to cross the valley to Bridal by going straight over Rosedale, and I was able to fly west via Harrison Knob since Sasquatch mountain was in the shade.  The MSB pilots were just launching when I was crossing to Harrison Knob and we ended up meeting up near Big Nick, where Peter ventured into the Norrish Creek area and I poked my head in ;)

Then it started to rain on us, so Peter and I went on a giant glide to Kilby in the shade to land at Eagle Ranch.  Of course the sun came back out about 30 minutes later!

Meanwhile over at Bridal Alex got rained on a bit as well and decided to land in Agassiz.  The MSB pilots were also raining out of the skies over Woodside so there was a bit of carpooling to get everyone back to where their cars were.

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