Mt. St. Benedict May 5

This weekend was the Woodside fly-in but the flying was looking better at Mt. St. Benedict so a bunch of us went there.  The flying out to Dewdney was a bit bumpy but the air at Dewdney itself was lovely, with lots of immature bald eagles to fly with; they were very inquisitive and would come up close to check us out.

Peter went to Hatzic Lake while a bunch of us crossed over to the Steelhead hills, but it was very lee side over there (the west wind had kicked in) and several pilots landed at the Durieu school.  Claudia and I managed to make it back up in the lee and back to the Virtue LZ, where it was very lifty as it usually is in the afternoons.  Nice dip in the Cascade Falls Park river and then back home before dark, very civilized!

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